TPD Compliant Eliquid


We've been busy preparing for TPD & PMTA

The ecig and vapor industry continues to grow at an impressive rate. With this growth comes inevitable regulation. Our team at Boardwalk Vapor has taken the steps necessary to comply with TPD and PMTA regulations. We haven't gone about this process alone and it certainly hasn't happened overnight.

We are optimistic about the road ahead!

Our optimism relating to approaching TPD and PMTA regulation can be attributed to one simple fact. We are smart enough to have contracted with a team of research scientists, qualified auditors, quality control specialists and vapor industry consultants who are doing the heavy lifting, research and submissions on our behalf.  In essence, we're smart enough to know we're NOT smart enough to make it through TPD and PMTA alone! 

An update on our TPD and PMTA compliance progress . . .

  • Have we retained experienced legal counsel to help guide us through the process? Yes.

  • Have our eliquids undergone toxicology and emissions testing? Yes.
  • Have our TPD and PMTA advisors secured CAS disclosures from our flavor suppliers, enabling us to meet SKU ingredient notification requirements? Yes.
  • Have our eliquids undergone testing to prove they deliver consistent nicotine levels? Yes.
  • Do our new 10mL bottles (available in Europe) include the labelling information specified in Article 20(4) (b)? Yes.
  • Do we have all the answers regarding TPD and PMTA compliance? No (honest answer)
  • Will Boardwalk Vapor be in business for years to come? It's certainly looking that way! 


Have questions? Want an update on our TPD and/or PMTA submissions? 

We welcome your inquiries.

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